How it works

  • How does it work?

    Once inside the theater you find your seat. A server will come by, greet you and take your order. Throughout the film you can order food and drink by pressing the call button on your table. 30 minutes prior to the ending of the film ending, a server will come by for a “last call.” All tabs must be closed out before the film ends.

  • Does the advertised runtime on your website for each film include trailers?

    No. The advertised runtime is the actual length of the feature presentation. We include up to or at least 12 minutes of pre-show content such as trailers, commercials, and in-house ads right before the feature presentation. The pre-show content begins at the start of the advertised showtime.

  • Is an automatic gratuity added to the check?

    Yes, for convenience there is an automatic gratuity added to every check. This gratuity is shared amongst all in-theatre staff. Your gratuity can be decreased, increased or completely removed by notifying the server prior to payment.

  • Can I enjoy a snack or meal in the bar?

    Cedar Room is open to all guests at any time, including those choosing not to see a film.

  • Code of Conduct: Please mind your P’s and Q’s

    To provide our guests with a pleasant cinema and dining experience, we ask our visitors to be courteous and refrain from the following disruptive behaviors:

    Possessing food or beverage not purchased at Pruneyard Cinemas
    Fighting, engaging in disorderly behavior
    Using obscene language and/or gestures
    Being under the influence of illegal drugs
    Carrying or displaying weapons of any kind
    Violating curfew (according to local ordinances)
    Failing to be fully-clothed or wearing inappropriate attire
    Wearing a mask or hood that obscures the face
    Recording audio or video of any kind
    Operating a mobile device while viewing a feature presentation

    Please note that all personal belongings are subject to search.
    Refund policy: violation of the code of conduct will result in immediate removal from Pruneyard Cinemas without a refund.

  • Where can I find a lost item?

    We regret that you lost your item. Simply contact us and ask to speak to a manager. We will ask you to present ID, and sign for your item when you claim it.
    Please note that we donate all items after 3-months.
    We strive to recover all lost items however; we do not take responsibility for any personal belongings that are brought into the venue.

  • How do you define a child or senior?

    A child is 12 or under; a senior 60 or over.

  • Purchasing Tickets Online

    Select your movie. A mix of first-run Hollywood and independent films.
    Purchase tickets and reserve seats from this website or at self-service kiosks in the lobby.
    We recommend arriving 30 minutes before show time to be served food and beverage. Just push the call button for seat service. Choose from our chef’s menu, cocktail and wine list, and 22 draft beers.
    Your movie will start soon, and your server will bring your food and drinks to your seat. Recline – Relax – Enjoy

  • Are assistive devices available for patrons with low or no vision?

    Yes, they are available upon request. We offer headsets with dual functionality – either to amplify the audio or provide audio narration. Please note that not all titles are compliant with closed captions and/or audio descriptions. Look for showtimes with audio description or closed captioning labels, or ask a Pruneyard Dine-in Cinemas staff member for assistance.

  • Do I need to reserve movie tickets online?

    While tickets can be purchased at the theater, purchasing tickets online ensures you have the seats you want when you want them.

  • How do I purchase an accessible seat for someone with limited mobility/a disability?

    We offer accessible seating options for: 1) patrons with limited mobility, or a disability requiring accessible seating and 2) patrons accompanying this individual.  When purchasing tickets on-line, look for seats that have a wheelchair symbol. Be aware that some of these spaces are open to accommodate a wheelchair and/or a service animal. When a seat is selected, a pop-up message will indicate if the seat is an open space or a theater seat. If the patron is a wheelchair user, and wants to sit in a theater seat, be sure to a purchase a seat and not an open space. If accessible tickets are purchased, and the patron(s) does not require accessible seating for themselves or a companion, the patron and accompanying party are subject to being relocated to other seats.

  • Do I have to order food?


  • If I buy tickets for someone else, can they pick up the tickets even if I’m not there?

    Yes. The person for whom you bought the tickets can use your printed email confirmation as a ticket.

  • What are the prices for food and drink?

    Select the link to Cedar Room’s food and drink menu.

  • Will there be “traditional” snacks at the movie theater such as popcorn, soft drinks, candy, etc.?

    Yes. And, the popcorn is made with real butter.

  • Gift Cards

    Gift cards will be available for purchase soon.

  • Will Camera 7 or any Camera Cinemas gift card or lifetime pass be honored by Pruneyard Cinemas?

    Regretfully, no.

  • Will Pruneyard Cinemas be a venue for Cinema Club?

    Please standby for an update regarding Cinema Club

  • Can I use my ticket any day?

    Tickets are valid only for the stated film, time, date and location on the ticket.

  • I purchased tickets, but something has come up, I can’t make the movie. Can I reschedule for another day or time?

    Yes. We ask that you come to the theater at least an hour before your show time and we will exchange your ticket(s) for another show time. We cannot process rescheduled tickets over the phone. It would also need to be within the current scheduled movie week. If that does not work, we can refund your tickets (see below).

  • Is my ticket purchase refundable?

    No refunds will be provided after the performance time and date specified on the tickets. If you are unable to attend your show time, we can swap the tickets for a different show time or refund the tickets. However, refunded tickets and swaps can only be done in person at the box office, up to one hour before the original show time. If a credit/debit card was used for the purchase, it must be presented for verification. Returns will be refunded back to the credit/debit card that was used. Online service charges are non-refundable.

  • When do tickets go on sale?

    Tickets for new releases opening on the upcoming Friday and running through the following Thursday are posted for sale online and at the theater by mid-day Tuesday.

  • General Ticket Info

    The price of the ticket includes the movie, access to a fully reclining leather seat and at-your-seat waiter service. Food and alcohol items are sold separately.
    Guests 11 and under qualify for child’s ticket pricing.
    Guests 60 and above qualify for senior ticket pricing.
    Military ticket pricing is available to those with a valid military ID.

  • Are assistive listening devices available for patrons with limited hearing?

    Yes, they are available upon request. We have closed captioning glasses, which provide captions through the lenses. Please note that not all titles are compliant with closed captions and/or audio descriptions. Look for showtimes with audio description or closed captioning labels, or ask a Pruneyard Dine-in Cinemas staff member for assistance.

  • Where do I park?

    There are ample accessible parking spaces in the surface parking lot in front of Pruneyard Cinemas and the Cedar Room. General parking and accessible parking spaces are also available on The Pruneyard surface lots and in in the 764-car parking garage.

  • What are your ticket prices?

    Matinee tickets (shows before 4:00pm) Wednesday & Thursday are $10, Friday – Sunday $12.
    General admission tickets Sunday, Wednesday & Thurs are $13.50, Friday & Saturday $16. Seniors Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday are $10, Friday-Saturday $13. Kids Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday are $10, Friday & Saturday $11.

  • Does Pruneyard Cinemas accept MoviePass?

    No, we do not accept Movie Pass!

  • Are you hiring?

    We are always accepting applications. Please download and fill out the application here and bring it in person to the theater and speak to a manager.

  • Can I bring in my own food or drink into the theater?

    We do not permit any outside-purchased food or drink.

  • How do I pay for food and drinks?

    Prior to starting your tab, our servers will collect your credit or debit card. At 30-minutes prior to the end of your film, your final check will be delivered for signature.

  • Can I bring alcoholic beverages into the theater?

    Alcoholic beverages can be ordered at your seat or brought in from Cedar Room.