Welcome to Pruneyard Cinemas

We are Preparing to Reopen

In the meantime, we're providing first-run independent film releases through Pruneyard Virtual Cinemas and now serving food and drinks at the Cedar Room Patio.  We hope, as do many of you, to reopen soon for theatrical releases of the best in new films with food and beverage service to our guests.

Available for Streaming Now

We Curate the latest in festival favorite independent films for viewing on mobile devices, desktop computers and televisions.  In most cases, you'll have up to 7 days to watch these films.

A Chef’s Voyage

“A Chef’s Voyage” follows the celebrated American Chef David Kinch and his team from Manresa, their 3 Star Michelin restaurant in California, for a one-of-a-kind…

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Meeting the Beatles in India

With new and vivid first-hand details and over 40 personal photos never-before-seen in any other movie about The Beatles, Emmy Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Paul Saltzman…

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Starting at Zero

Starting at Zero explores the power of investing in high-quality early childhood education so that all children and families have the opportunity to attain the…

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To Our Friends

And Customers

An Open Letter from the Owners

Most movie theatres around the U.S are still temporarily closed due to
the spread of COVID-19. While some theatres are reopening, we await a
green light from the State of California and Santa Clara County before
we reopen.

Queen Bingo & a Movie

Join us at the Drive-in

Montalvo Arts Center and Pruneyard Cinemas are presenting a unique drive-in movie experience at Montalvo Arts Center.  Start your evening at 7:30 with a fabulous game of Queen Bingo featuring nationally renowned drag queen Alina Malleti-Galore & Her Box of Chocolates.  Each car receives two Queen Bingo cards, real movie popcorn and candy.  Queen Bingo winners will receive some very cool prizes.

$55 per car



100% Movie Popcorn!

If you are a fan of REAL movie theater popcorn, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re the only restaurant in this market, thanks to Pruneyard Cinemas, that offers Movie Popcorn: popped in 100% coconut oil and topped with 100% butterfat. To be sure… it’s 100% out of this world!