The Pruneyard Cinema and Cedar Room are temporarily closed.

Code of Conduct: Please mind your P’s and Q’s

To provide our guests with a pleasant cinema and dining experience, we ask our visitors to be courteous and refrain from the following disruptive behaviors:

Possessing food or beverage not purchased at Pruneyard Cinemas
Fighting, engaging in disorderly behavior
Using obscene language and/or gestures
Being under the influence of illegal drugs
Carrying or displaying weapons of any kind
Violating curfew (according to local ordinances)
Failing to be fully-clothed or wearing inappropriate attire
Wearing a mask or hood that obscures the face
Recording audio or video of any kind
Operating a mobile device while viewing a feature presentation

Please note that all personal belongings are subject to search.
Refund policy: violation of the code of conduct will result in immediate removal from Pruneyard Cinemas without a refund.



Pursuant to new governmental requirements and out of concern for customer health, we have temporarily closed Pruneyard Cinemas and Cedar Room.

Watch for Pruneyard Cinemas and Cedar Room updates here on our website and Facebook page.